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Hello & welcome to Raah Clans official website!

Here can you join us at the forums, check our clips, get to our social network accounts and see all the news!!

So what is Raah? All our members at the time is from Sweden and we like to game with each others and camp on a island on the summer ;D

We´re playing almost all CoD games. But also other games like GTA, BF and FIFA etc.

(xbox360 BTW)

If you want to be recruited just add Raah PwR or Raah NrJ on Xbox Live.

Members: Raah PwR(Co leader), Raah NrJ (Former, leader), Raah ViP, Raah XtC, Raah VzN, Raah DrM, Raah QmZ, Raah AcE, Raah ExP

Unactive members: Raah BrN, Raah HnT



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